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Nuova macchina per bolle di carta da tavolo

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Paper Bubble Machine

Table-top Paper Bubble Machine

The new table-top paper bubble machine is an innovative packaging solution, mainly used for the production of concave-convex packaging cushioning materials from base paper or roll paper, and is a paper-based substitute for traditional bubble filling. Widely used in carton filling, wrapping, padding, and cushioning, due to the large air bubbles on the surface, it can achieve a high degree of product protection and efficient material usage.

Paper Bubble Machine
Size 450*250*200mm
Packing Size 560*320*350mm, 27KG
Suitable Paper Organ paper, roll paper
Applicable Weight 80-160g, 300mm, standard weight 80g, 250m/roll
Pressure Bubble Size Diameter 12mm, height 5mm
Extended function External pedals, slide knife can be added

Speed: up to 10m/min



About Paper Bubble Machine Details

Paper Bubble Machine

paper bubble protective packaging

Bubble Wrap is a 100% recycled material with great cushioning properties. The paper is pressed into a

concave-convex elastic shape, which is very impact-resistant.

The paper bubble machine is small in size, can be moved freely in the office area without taking up space,

and has a wide range of uses. It can be used to pack various fragile and valuable products, durable and low cost.

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